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James Funnyhat does fantastic, interactive shows and workshops for elementary schools that will capture your students imagination. The programs are an excellent enhancement to Ontario Curriculum expectations in music, drama, dance, and language.

For all grades, James comes with instruments, costumes, props, mountains of enthusiasm, and thousands of hours experience in inspiring children to sing, listen, move, think, and imagine. Below is a brief synopsis of the programs for each grade.


James Funnyhat - School Programs

JK & SK students will find this program beneficial either as a one time visit or as a monthly or bi-monthly event. Music and storytelling are vital to development for kindergarten students in multiple areas. A visit from James Funnyhat would not only be a highly anticipated event to students, it meets many Ontario Curriculum expectations including music, drama, oral language development, development of metacognition, numeracy, and physical activity. Each visit would feature different stories and songs customized according to the needs and personality of the group, progressively covering an array of genres, styles, themes, and developmental foci.

In James' unique brand of storytelling, the children are not only captivated, they actually act each story out complete with costumes. Children will learn traditional tales from a variety of countries and learn songs in different languages. Each session they will be engaged in imaginative physical movement and sometimes be do activities with percussive instruments.

For some kids, the favorite part of the visit is the first few moments of trying to guess what colour the 'hat of the day' is. After that the hour is a joyous, fun-filled romp that has something for all learning styles - the singers, dancers, listeners, drama queens, story lovers, actors, shy ones, active ones - everyone!

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James Funnyhat - School Programs

Grade 1

Students will learn a song in Spanish, sing another about playing music with your belly button, and another about the concept of opposites. They will hear a West African Folktale that explains why chickens eat cockroaches, a story about some brave knights who attempt to save a princess but find out that maybe princesses aren't so helpless after all. The whole class will perform The Letter Birds which brings vowels and consonants to life.

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Grade 2

An introduction to the Persian folk character, Mullah Nasruddim and his adventures at a fancy ball, a glimpse into Ms. Broccoli's classroom and how she deals with 'the smartest kid in the world', and the story of Mr. Misery who pretends he is happy for so long he forgets he is supposed to be miserable. Students will also laugh as they sing a wordplay song about eating the uneatable and use their improvisation skills as they imagine how different animals sneeze.

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Students will be gripped by a Korean martial arts story about facing life's obstacles and see the strange therapies of the famous soccer player, Linus McKooky. In a tastefully scatological diversion, they will find out from Princess Flatulina whether Royalty are really much the same as the rest of us. A song about a village finding it's voice and a song in Swahili will bring their voices out.

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Grades 4-6

For this age, students may have a story or song performed for them but the program is more of a workshop than a show. They will do music games, drama games, storytelling activities, exercises with skits, and dance and movement games. The focus is on getting children to laugh, participate, build teamwork, and practice their presenting skills both onstage, in the classroom, and in everyday life situations.

James has developed many unique games to develop musical and theatrical skills. 'Drumming Clues' is a game that exercises dynamic, crescendo, and listening skills. 'The Museum Statues' exercises stage presence and 'The Emotion Lever' develops expressiveness.

This can also be a two hour program where the students will compose skit style stories themselves using James' 'Notion Carousel' method of coming to ideas in a group situation. The children will divide into groups and, in a manic but enjoyable pressure-packed 15 minutes, will break out of inhibition and writer's block to come up with a their own story which each group will present to the class.

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