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There are many daycare centres in Toronto where I have brought the children a laughter and song-filled special visit during the winter holiday, March break, PD days, or for summer programming; and many centres I visit weekly where a music circle or storytelling workshop is the highlight of the children's week. I would love to come to your centre! Please have a look below and call if you have any questions.

James Funnyhat - daycare programs for babies and toddlers

Babies & Toddlers: A Circle of Songs, Shakers, & Movement (30 - 60 Minutes)

A music circle featuring classic educational children's songs performed on an interesting variety of instruments the children may not have seen such as accordion, banjo, and ukulele. Many of the songs are well known but my approach is very fresh, enthusiastic, and interactive with new twists that breathe life into the old favorites.

Puppets & instruments make the shows even more hands-on. I am very familiar with infant rooms and have a warm, gentle, and friendly style coupled with a showman's sense of how to keep a brisk flow of events for small attention plans.

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Pre School & Kindergarten: Songs, Stories, & Movement (45 - 60 Minutes)

James Funnyhat - daycare programs for preschool and kindergarten Songs, stories and movement

These music circles are interactive, dynamic, and a bit crazy: just like the age group. There will be lots of laughs, shouting, animal sounds, silliness, and boisterousness. Some of the songs will be classics that they may know such as 'Down by The Bay' or 'The Lion Sleeps Tonight.' Mostly, especially for SK, there will be international and original songs. All songs are meant for groups to sing and I am an insistent encourager of participation.

During storytelling, some of the kids will act out characters in the story as it is told with costumes that I bring. There will also be a dance section and a part with percussive instrument play.

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School Age: Music, Stories, Dance (60 - 75 minutes)

James Funnyhat - school-age daycare programs

School Age children get a combination performance and workshop. There are some songs to sing along with in other languages, musical games with instruments, stories from around the world, and my own stories, especially written for this age group. During the course of the workshop, the children learn a play which they perform at the end for the pre-school children, possibly with their own home-made costumes.

Kids this age are natural performers and they get lots of time to shine with solo singing, role playing stories, and in drama activities. Don't worry, I know that School-agers are very cool and do not want to sing Itsy Bitsy Spider!

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"… thank you for an amazing interactive performance yesterday. Everyone enjoyed it immensely!"
Pam Terrance, McKee McKids

"Our JK-Schoolage kids had a fantastic time. James generates such energy, excitement, and enthusiasm with all the instruments he plays. They really got inspired with music and their skills were fostered."
Heather Keeso, Church Street Daycare

"Very outgoing, James had the children participating a lot. The School Age children really enjoyed participating with him…very entertaining for both the children as well as the adults."
Lakeshore Childcare Centre

"The kids had a great time. I was amazed at how much they learned in a short period of time and how the older kids broke out of their "roles" to participate."
Ruth Barber, Yorkview Kids Care

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