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I would love to come to your child's birthday party for a delightful performance of music, storytelling, and dance. If there are hundreds of people in a hall or a few children in your home I will put on a unique, happy, and creative show that will bring your guests together in laughter and song.

I bring accordion, guitar, banjo (maybe other instruments too), costumes, puppets, and instruments for the children to play. There are different shows depending on the ages of your guests. If you have any questions, please call anytime without obligation.

0 - 3 year olds: A Circle of Songs, Shakers, & Movement (40 - 60 Minutes)

James Funnyhat does birthday parties for 0-3 year olds

These shows are a fun celebration of very well-known songs that even the youngest children will know such as Wheels of the Bus, Sleeping Bunnies, and I've Been Working on The Railroad. The songs are well known but my approach is very fresh, enthusiastic, and interactive with many new twists to breath new life into the old favorites. Whether your child is walking and talking, or if they are still in their parent's lap, they will love this show.

With this age, the most important thing with some children is not to scare them. I have a very warm, gentle, and friendly style coupled with a showman's sense of how to keep a brisk flow of events for small attention plans.

There will be dance, opportunity for children to play instruments, and possibly costumes or puppets.

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4 - 6 year olds: Songs, Stories, & Movement (45 - 60 Minutes)

These performances are interactive, dynamic, and a bit crazy: just like the age group. There will be lots of laughs, shouting, animal sounds, silliness, and boisterousness. Some of the songs will be classics that they will probably know such as 'Down by The Bay' or 'The Lion Sleeps Tonight.' Mostly, especially for 6 year olds the songs will be international songs, or songs that I wrote. Every song will be fun for groups to sing, with participation being enthusiastically encouraged. For stories, some of the kids will act out the parts as the story is told (the birthday child always gets first dibs on the best roles). There will also be a dance and movement section and a part with percussive instrument play.

James Funnhat does birthday parties for 7-10 year olds

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7 - 10 year olds: Music, Stories, Dance (60 - 75 minutes)

I love this age because children are such natural performers. In my shows, there is lot's of space for them to 'steal' the show by doing solo singing and taking a bigger role in stories. Don't worry, I know that kids this age are very cool and do not want to sing Itsy Bitsy Spider!

These performances are a very interactive mix of fun international songs, my own original songs (also fun), and some familiar camp songs that they may know. There are also humorous stories where some of the kids improvise the characters with costumes. We also may do some drama exercises, dance, or musical games. I bring drums and percussive instruments for them to play as well as my own unique 'flower pot drums.'

Any child will love these shows and even more so if they already love music and drama.

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James Funnyhat - Music, Movement, Stories and Songs

Mixed Ages: Music, Movement, Stories, & Songs

A birthday party with babies, toddlers, 5 year olds, 8 year olds, 12 year olds, as well as grandparents is not unusual. I do programs for all of these ages (see above for specifics) and have a great time blending them all together. There will definitely be music and movement, but the form it takes can vary widely according to the age and interests of the audience, for a warm and inclusive show everyone will enjoy. My technique is to try to give everyone something for their level and to encourage a lot of interaction with the different age groups. I give the older kids the spotlight and lots of ways to participate. Often older kids will enjoy toddler songs if they are given the opportunity to be a 'helper', and younger kids always mimic the older kids, rising into things they wouldn't normally participate in.

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CD Loot Bags

A copy of "Miracles, Kings, & Banana Peels" can make a great loot bag. Not only is it a beautifully packaged CD and storybook that your guests will listen to over and over again, it is also a memento of the event, and a labour-saver for you! There are price breaks available depending on how many you buy. Please call for details.

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The fee for a show in central Toronto is $195. Further out in the GTA the price ranges from $225 - $275. Please get in contact for a specific quote.

Video your party

If you would like a video memento of your child's special day I would highly recommend youngflyer.com. The process is easy and unobtrusive, and you will receive a wonderfully produced video of all the special moments in the show and the party that you can keep for years.